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  • ... "Serapi" may be a nickname given by American dealers for northwestern Persian Heriz carpets?
  • ... Afshar carpets come in a variety of designs but common designs are Medallion, Shah Abbasi, Afshan, Fish, Gul Farang?
  • ... Haji Orangi is a classic type of Zanjan rural carpet?
  • ... Gholtogh designs have a vast variety woven by mental image?
  • ... Nain weavers are credited with being the first to outline design elements and flowers with silk highlights?
  • ... Qashqa'ies is produced by soaking the skein, which are colored by madder, in dough?
  • ... Kolyai Rugs have a wool or cotton foundation and a wool pile?
  • ... Malayer field colors are mostly reds, ivory, or dark blue, but at times, camel or light blue?