Bidgineh Rug/An Introduction on the Carpets of Iran

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Bidgineh village is located in Zanjan province, Eijroud district. It is in Zanjan 50 kilometers on plains. It has a mild climate but cold and sizzling in winter. Approximately 200 families residing in the village are speaking in Azeri. People here are from different Afshari folk groups tending toward settlement. Bidgineh carpet is one of the best village handicrafts of Zanjan with a dense weave.
These weaves are in the same category as Bijar and Takab in terms of quality.

Raw Materials and Weave

Bidgineh wool is of intricate delicacy and women use Jahrah (spinning wheel) to procure even pile.
Hand spun piles in natural cream, cane sugar, light brown, red brown (brick), and dark brown are arranged and sent for dyeing. Produced piles in Tabriz Textiles Factories are also used for carpet weaving.
The knot used in Bidgineh carpets, symmetrical (Turkish) knot is tied by a hook.
The weaving method has been Lul-Baf (double weft, completely offset warps) with knots stuck out behind carpets. Knot count is often 40, today 35.
The knot was tied by hand in past and thick weft was used for knot density. Wefts are wrapped around edge finishes concurrent with weaving carpet and two colored piles (wefts) are chained in webbing end.

Design and Coloring

Versatile designs are also woven in Bidgineh as well as commissioned ones The most genuine Bidgineh designs called "Haji Orangi" and "Chahar Gat (quatrefoil) are famous, both produced by Ornak (a piece of carpet).
Chahar Gat (quatrefoil) is in Medallion and Corner form and its unique border is consistent with ground, coming in a variety of designs.
Sugar bowl lamp, Comb, Pendant Ram, Fish and Bird designs are other designs used in Bidgineh carpet. Haji Orangi is a classic type of Zanjan rural carpet, a medallion and corner design, with Toosbagna (Tortoise) and Apple Blossom border.
Both designs are in the form of pectinated and geometrical. Today occasionally on the basis of commission Haji Orangi is produced.
Since multiple fields Fish and Drop Repeat designs became prevalent, genuine old designs were no longer produced and dimensions increased to 6 meters and carpet size.
Zanjan carpets have a rather dark color, for the sheep wool in brown.
Dominant color in Zanjan and Bdgineh carpet ground is madder with the border in dark blue. The color of Medallion and Corner is changed for variety with the rest of colors steadfast in Bidgineh.
Natural (Vegetal) dyes are mostly used in dyeing. Dyeing by natural (vegetal) dyes was done in the village in the past and some color continuums were prepared by Zanjan dyers. Bidgineh carpet colors are nearly 15.
Turquoise blue, dark blue, cream, madder, brown, beige, milky, golden, olive green, ocher, black and grey are some of these colors.