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General information
Alternative name(s)(Fa: abrisham, abrishom)
OriginAsia, Middle East, China, Iran, Japan.
FiberNatural: Silkworm
ComponentsFibroin, Sericin, Water and mineral substances
Average fiber diameterAbout 1/1,200 inch
Average fiber lengthFrom 800 to 1,200 yards
Cross-sectional areaTriangular
Application in carpet weavingFoundation and Pile

Silk is a very fine natural fiber drawn from the cocoon of the moth Silkworm and it's used in textile weaving and carpet weaving. Its ingredients are fibroin, sericin, water and mineral substances. The average diameter of silk fibers is about 1/1,200 inch in thickness and from 800 to 1,200 yards in length.[1]


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